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VRAKSHA lives in the space between elegant and eccentric, where free spirits and fashionistas mix, mingle and lose themselves in a bohemian-inspired style that’s completely unique, and unquestionably chic. It’s ready-to-wear meets easy-to-wear, and it’s all inspired by the fashionable, adventure-seekers who have made VRAKSHA their own.


Every piece in every collection speaks to this journey and is driven by our diverse audience and her desire to explore, experience and indulge. She can’t stop, and she won’t stop. Because to her, these deep dives define her. Every moment is another story, and every story an essential piece of the journey, a journey she craves and a journey that fuels her soul.


Because she’s the writer, inspired to create a complex scene with her words.

She’s the painter creating a backdrop for what she wants, what she feels and what could be.

She’s the designer, poet, musician, and dreamer, someone who sees the world in endless dimensions while, still, recognizing the beauty and the simplicity that surrounds.


That’s why she’s inspired to create.


That’s why she’s driven to dream.


And that’s why she’s determined to live life on her terms, always with a unique perspective and unrelenting desire to change the world.


And that’s why VRAKSHA is her brand. From resort wear to sportswear to luxury swim, each piece speaks to her passions and her purpose-each piece tells her story on her terms. Because, like her, VRAKSHA lives at the intersections.


Here, simplicity lives against an eccentric backdrop.

Here, high comfort, high-quality tailoring, and high style are one and the same.

Here, total relaxation comes in the form of elaborate designs and bold embroidery.


And together, it’s unmistakably VRAKSHA- and it’s unmistakably you.  


Welcome to VRAKSHA. Welcome to fashion as unique as you.

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